The Original Woody Classic Pro 𝘎𝘛

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Power: 9 || Control: 8 || Defense: 8
This legendary paddle, used by some of the best players in history just got an upgrade in smash winners and aces.  We kept the great consistent feel and control but beefed up the paddle and gave it a bit more POP & BOOM!
Inside The Original Woody Classic Pro 𝑮𝑻:
  • Frame:  3K Carbon
  • Face:  3K Carbon
  • Core:    Super Soft EVA - the highest quality core made for incredible feel & control
  • Finish: MegaGrit - lasts longer and grips the ball better for a high-power spin effect
  • SXY Power ORB & Convex Hole System:  Our single-row concave hole system allows for consistency and control across a wider sweet spot while providing more power for offensive attacks.
  • Weight: 350-360g
  • Length: 50cm
  • Level: Professional
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    The Original Woody Classic Pro 𝘎𝘛

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