Rasta Woody 𝘎𝘛

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Power: 8 || Control: 9 || Defense: 10

The Rasta Woody 3k Carbon 𝘎𝘛 is very similar to the BUFO 3K, with a 100% Carbon Frame & Face. Some of its unique top sheet layerings gives it a slightly different pop than them Bufo but overall it's very similar and features a realistic and gorgeous wooden graphic design.

The Rasta Woody 𝘎𝘛 is at the top of the list of Pro Level “all-court” Paddles but also allows you to swing harder on serves and smashes to generate more spin with our incredible MegaGrit treatment. It plays even better than it looks, world class!

Inside the Rasta Woody 𝑮𝑻:

  • Frame: 3k Carbon
  • Face: 3k Carbon
  • Core: Super Soft EVA - the highest quality core made for incredible feel & control
  • Finish:  MegaGrit - lasts longer and grips the ball better for a high-power spin effect
  • SXY Power ORB & Convex Hole System:  Our single-row concave hole system allows for consistency and control across a wider sweet spot while providing more power for offensive attacks.
  • Weight: 350~360g
  • Length: 50cm
  • Profile: 21mm

All new innovative dessign, mold, and materials for superior control, speed, and accuracy.  Our 3k Carbon Special Edition Paddles feature 100% 3k Carbon for the face and frame to ensure quick offensive pushing, powerful smashing, and superior defense.

Player notes: dont wait, get one fast, this is a very special paddle!

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Rasta Woody 𝘎𝘛

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