Blue Hex 𝘎𝘛

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Power: 9 || Control: 7 || Defense: 7

Our Hex paddle series is a consistent, high-performance, an amateur paddle that’s friendly on the wallet, but not as friendly to your opponents!
The Blue Hex  𝘎𝘛 paddle does everything well and features the exclusive SXY PowerOrb Which adds stability when shots are not hit in the center of the paddle (this happens more often than people realize).
The HEX series features a gorgeous retro surf-style design that will be the envy of others that are not so fortunate to own one.
Inside the Blue Hex 𝑮𝑻:
  • Frame:  100% Fiberglass
  • Face:  100% Fiberglass
  • Core:  Mid Soft EVA - high quality long lasting core, no dead spots like many of the competing brands at this price!  Plus a great pop & all around feel
  • Weight: 350-360g
  • Finish:  MegaGrit - lasts longer and grips the ball better for a high-power spin effect
  • SXY Power ORB & Convex Hole System:  Our single-row concave hole system allows for consistency and control across a wider sweet spot while providing more power for offensive attacks.
  • Length: 48.5cm
  • Level: Entry/Mid Series

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Blue Hex 𝘎𝘛

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